CV Writing and Social Media Publishing

I offer a CV writing service as part of advice and guidance and if required interview coaching.

A CV is too often the only tool to get you in front of that company and job you really want. There are no rules.  It's about representing you in an authentic, engaging way that puts you on the top of the pile for the next stage. I am expert in personal CV's and performance statements

What I do:

  • Spend time with you understanding how you articulate yourself, your skills and qualifications
  • Understand your work experiences, achievements
  • Create your online CV or profile and ensure it is aligned to your other social media
  • Look at how you work with others as well as how you like and need to be lead
  • Based on the industry and role you are looking for, design the right CV for you
  • Talk your new CV through with you and refine it so it represents you in the best possible way
  • Provide you with a hard copy on premium paper and soft copies, normally on a USB

Why me:

  • I have over 21 years experience of writing CV's from school leavers to CEO's
  • There is not an industry or profession I have no experience of......... I have even assisted an astronaut!
  • I know my CV's have made a difference, I have the feedback
  • I am confidential and sensitive to peoples situations and needs

How much does this cost:

  • Invest £95.00 for a simple re write and a new presentation of your CV.  No meeting is required. I do this online and deliver your CV to your inbox within 3 working days.
  • Invest £120.00 for a completely new CV, often incorporating your current role, last position and new qualifications.  No meeting is required. I deliver your CV to your inbox within 3 working days
  • Invest £175.00 for a 1 hour consultation and completely new CV.  This includes simple and effective interview and job searching techniques. 

Social Media 

  • With all the above options I provide an expert approach to maximising social media to promote you and to access the best opportunities.