Experienced Professionals

With over 14 years experience of working with senior executives, to those taking the next step in their careers, across diverse industries, organisations and singular and multiple challenges I bring my experiences, creativity and a pragmatic approach to helping you take the next step.

The most common areas I work with people on are:

  • Redundancy planning - what next
  • Job searching - traditional and hidden markets
  • Working with recruiters, executive search agents and headhunters
  • Presentation skills - interviewing and presenting
  • CV's and other presentation forms
  • How to overcome negative experiences, dismissal and under performance
  • New or second careers
  • Professional development

What I offer:

  • Sensitivity
  • Pragmatic and proven actions 
  • A new CV and other documents including support, profile and covering letters
  • Job searching skills
  • Coaching for a broad range of interviews including panel, digital, traditional and group
  • Self presentation, language and articulation

Invest £190.00 for the most popular 120 minute coaching session.

Invest £580.00 for a basic consultation consisting of three 90 minute sessions. You will receive  a new CV, approach letters,  a job searching methodology specific for you, interviewing, coaching and advice working with recruiters, plus 3 months of telephone support.

Invest £1350.00 for the most selected package of six 90 minute sessions. You will have a full career assessment, including psychometric evaluation (if this is required), which assists in identifying how you work, emotional intellegnece and working with others, what type of role you are best suited to and how to achieve your ambitions.  You will also receive different CV's and approach letters, interviewing skills from  traditional through to digital, panel and group, how to access the hidden job market, job searching and working impactfully with recruiters. While developing your networking skills you will also receive on going support whilst you are in the job searching stage which includes job specific interview support.

Invest £3850.00 in the premium package which includes all of the above plus 6 months of coaching.

I was asked several years ago why I don't put testimonials on my site.  It hadn't occurred to me that I needed them, so I phoned a few ex clients.  The second person I spoke said, just give them my number - so I did!  I still do, so if you want to know how I have helped just ask.

How do you pay (options):

  • All in one payment
  • Three equal instalments paid over the period of engagment

Paypal, credit card, bank transfer all are suitable.