Are you a new graduate or 2-3 years into your career?

How is it going? Is it what you want or expect?  Are you excited or dulled?

Whatever your state is,  your ambition should be burning bright. Experience has showed me the value of reviewing where you are at, what steps you could take and how to take them - Have a plan of action.

The benefits of working with me:

  • Focus or refocus. Remember your goals and ambitions - work gets in the way doesn't it.
  • Independant view from above, a great tool to clear away what is not important and what is.
  • Clarity on your strengths and areas for development includes understanding of yourself and your relationships with others.
  • Building emotional intelleingence skills
  • Navigating career change and aiming for the next step.
  • A new manager/team leader. Enabling you and your team to perform.

The options are:

Invest £175.00 for a 1-2 hour review session.  This includes an element of proving your worth as part of the assessment, as well as the aspirational and functional aspects.

Invest £300.00 for two to three 1-2 hour sessions that enable us to break down your key and relevant skills - the real ones!  Included is a thorough review of you CV, your performance, development areas and strengths. Create a real definition of what steps you need to take next with your early career.