Welcome to my favourite page on this site. Here I get to share, talk and do stuff that I believe could add value to your lives, make you smile, become determined, re-ignites any ambitions and possibly even inspire. Some projects that are in development are The SpilltheCoffee youtube channel and blog and a podcast. For those who have worked with me you will be familar with my musings, resulting from lifestyle activities I've tried and ideas for a better life on my twitter spillthecoffee

My current project passion is

 'Be more Goldfish' @bemoregoldfish. Simply put it is all about the positive things in life, good deeds, helping others, going the extra distance, being that good neighbor, happy positive life affirming stuff only, you get the idea.

I am currently re-thinking how this project idea can be aligned to meet the tidal wave of poor mental health, anxiety and uncertainty with the world as it currently is.

This weeks video is from the fabulous Amy Cuddy at a TED talk, enjoy. Next month: Alan Watts