Professional coaching is sometimes referred to as executive coaching. It is aimed at those wanting support and guidance with their careers.

There are many reasons to seek this type of coaching and some of the reasons may be familar to you:

  • Career is boring you or not fulfilling you
  • You want to start a business
  • Support with professional projects
  • Transition
  • Balance with your professional and personal life
  • Confidence and motivation
  • Gain and improve self-awareness
  • Clarify goals and objectives
  • Develop leadership and managment performance
  • Continued Professional Development (CPD)
  • You feel overwhelmed or not good enough
  • You want to do something different
  • General frustration with the way it is going
  • You get looked over for promotions
  • You are or feel you are underperforming
  • You have been dismissed or made redundant

Professional coaching can help and you will benefit from:

  • A fresh pair of eyes that positively disrupt the beahviours that hold you back
  • Re focus and re connection with career goals
  • A refresh of what you do and to find excitement and accomplish goals
  • Being organised so you can focus on your objectives without the physical and mental clutter
  • Develop a clear pathway to move your career in the direction you desire
  • Moving from dissapointment through to a positive expereince and how to maintain this

For an informal chat as to how professional coaching may be the right action please contact me either via email or my mobile.