Your investment will be from £120.00 to £1650.00. After a full consultation(s) with me I will provide you with a carefully tailored transformative programme.

One-off intervention - £120.00

Three sessions - £550.00 

Six sessions - £900.00

twelve sessions - £1620.00

Sessions are normally delivered once a week but can be tailored to whatever is needed. Career management is normally 2-3 times a week.

The programme can delivered either face to face or more commonly online, the results are the same.

Working with me

I work Monday to Friday. On Wednesday and Fridays I start at 5am, it suits my clients to have this flexibility. I have a waiting list of no longer than two weeks, this occasionally changes so we may be able to meet sooner. I only work Saturday morning with existing client consultations.

I understand the decision making process so when you are ready , lets chat.

Email me at: (I will always reply within 12 hours) or WhatsApp/text me on 07513364444, feel free to call me.

I never answer withheld numbers.